Growth Kit by erl&iocca

The erl&iocca Growth Kit consists of a menu choice out of 32 available training modules designed to empower the individuals within an organization to take responsibility not only for the success and growth of their company, but also for their own and their colleagues’ well-being.

The deployment of this Growth Kit is based on our unique C.R.E.A.T.E. method, emerged from the latest results of adult learning sciences, neurosciences, and generative coaching.

Applied to our Growth Kit it provides the ideal combination of a methodical approach with a customizable toolbox in order to achieve any companies’ business goal.
It goes beyond the companies pursuit of strategic and economic objectives, by promoting also individual satisfaction, inspiration, problem ownership and innovation within the company.

Training effectiveness is all about getting the basics right:

  • we assure the individuals’ awareness of their own responsibility for their well- being and growth,
  • we provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools and thus
  • we enable sustainable change in individuals, teams, and companies.


The compass of any change is every person’s mindset: thinking, believing, feeling.
It initiates our actions and defines our results: first focus on the mindset
to develop the desired competencies in a sustainable way.


Our Growth Kit delivers the following scalable modules:


to provide the ground for all conscious and focused action that sprouts out of self-knowledge and self- management.

  • Nice to meet me
  • Welcome and manage emotions
  • A mind that moves
  • Values defining actions
  • Drivers to manage my time
  • Neuro-learning for continuous growth
  • Success factor modelling to achieve my goals
  • Cooking my own healthy habits



to develop all skills and behaviour to be connected and exchange with others effectively.

  • Successful communication
  • Emotional Intelligence for me and others
  • Growing in a team
  • Agile and successful project management
  • Manage conflicts to win allies
  • Successful negotiation
  • Impact with your presentations
  • Neuro-sales


to enhance conscious leadership and the effective management of teams and business.

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Management Excellence
  • How to understand and motivate my team
  • Leading changes
  • Give feedback to give wings
  • Successful delegation
  • Team Management
  • Detect and develop talent


to develop our personal and professional excellence by applying new and creative tools that make our projects shine.

  • The genius mind
  • Overcoming your immunity to change
  • Collective Intelligence that shines
  • Business Mindset of the next generation
  • Resonant transformation
  • Mind maps to expand
  • Storytelling to inspire
  • Storyboards to seduct

The C.R.E.A.T.E method

Based on latest findings in adult education, neuroscience and generative coaching

Our approach is a long-term investment in people and companies like everything that grows organically. In this way we settle deeply rooted sustainable changes, leading to a holistic success for firms and employees. Because enabling people’s talent to grow and shine, creating self-awareness and empowerment, transforms any company into an inspiring organisation. Our C.R.E.A.T.E. method consists in:

By using different techniques, we develop a creative state that maximizes the access to our resources to create change.

We define individually and collectively the changes we want to accomplish, how we want to bring them into action and how they will benefit us in our daily life.

We connect our intentions with the experience, knowledge, and resources we already must build a solid foundation.

We apply new tools and work intensely in practising them in experience-based activities.

When we apply learnings, we normally face different obstacles and individual barriers. We transform these obstacles into resources and solutions to foster change.

We develop habits and commitments with ourselves and the organization to elevate our changes to the next level.

A project in collaboration with our colleague Corinna Erl